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About Us

Why Choose Paradox?
Paradox  is one of the largest SMS marketing companies. Our SMS Gateway allows our customers to alert, interact and transact with their business partners.

The things that set us apart

No spam policy
We do not condone unsolicited messages, notifications, alerts and maintain confidentiality of your home address and telephone numbers.
Global Coverage
Our SMS gateway offers you widest coverage in many countries. Our intelligent routing technology seeks out the lowest cost routes.



Valuable customers
We deliver mobile messaging solutions that have been embraced by many enterprise, medium and small business customers across Armenia.

Multiple Protocols/Interfaces
Our APIs are fast, simple and reliable, and built in such a way that they integrate easily with any system. Our APIs include HTTP/S (internet post), SMPP, FTP, XML, SMTP (email to SMS).

Low Pricing
We suggest bulk SMS service at low and affordable prices. You pay no license or setup fees to connect to our gateway.


Support Center
Our highly trained technical staff is available 24/7 for phone and email support.

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